Spawn Pallets Stacked

Why do most pallets only spawn on one layer? NO LONGER! This script mod solves the issue of not enough pallets being able to be spawned in any (base-game or mod) production or husbandry spawn point!

– This mod will update all pallets to spawn stacked, up to 2m. This will cause some pallets (ie: Wool) to spawn 2 high, and others (ie: Oils) to spawn up to 5 high!
– Automatic „Double Up” which will take any spawn point that is a single row, and if space allows – spawn two rows, with the same stacking! For example the base-game Grain Mill by default will spawns 5 pallets. Now, it spawns 30!
– Spawning update applies to all Production buildings, Husbandries that spawn pallets (Chickens, Sheep & Bees), and Greenhouses.
– All base-game productions, husbandries & greenhouses have been tested and adjusted to work as expected.
– Related mod buildings will also get the same treatment, but will only do so if that mod doesn’t already have stacked pallets.

Due to the fact that this mod will change the number of pallets spawning in any given spawn point from 2x-6x, there is a chance of pallets *not* spawning due to game pallet limits.
– „Limited Pallet Object Fix for Farming Simulator 22” by GtX (on GitHub)

– When adding this mod to any existing gamesave, if there are already pallets sitting in a spawn point, those pallets will be unaffected. This may cause any single row spawner to spawn more pallets – but will not stack them properly as the existing pallets would have spawned without the „double up” feature. Once the spawn point is cleared, the pallets will stack as expected.

– Spawning can be customized for any basegame or modded building via a configuration file that is automatically added to your modSettings folder. See that file for instructions on how spawning can be customized.

License: CC0 1.0 Universal
All code therein is © GMNGjoy & shared via CC0 1.0 Universal; Please contact @gmngjoy on discord for any requests.



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