Spruce Mountain Farm’s

Welcome to Spruce Mountain Farm’s, a fictional USA map. To the north you will find large mountains filled with logging areas and many trails for exploring(some require a 4×4 ONLY to access). Located more central is your starter farm. There you will find large-XL fields. Most of the land around your farm is cheap to help in expanding. While this map is mainly setup for large-scale farming and forestry, to the south you will find a small farm setup with about 21 fields more your size. The map also has stone mining & woodchip removal built in. While this map won’t be for everyone, I hope you enjoy Spruce Mountain Farm’s!

– 47 Fields Total
– Over 15 forest areas
– Productions (basegame)
– Stone mining (suggest using a Stone-Lime Production mod)
– Light Traffic & Pedestrians
– Built in silo storage’s (GrainWestSilo & GrainPoolEast)-NoTrain-
– Collectibles added
– Snow mask added
– Precision farming ready (Loads Default US soil map)


Map ByMako

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