Stand Croustillons Motor Show World Tour

Hello everyone !

Today, I’m moving forward in my 100% DL pack (for you) of the famous stunt show, the „Motor Show World Tour”!
The little progress of the day, here it is: a “Croustillons” trailer (recustomized by me and authorizations from Mr Le Fermier Fou)!
It is equipped with several Simple IC:

– To turn on the LEDs

– To unfold the ramp

– To open the door


I also took the liberty of adding big flags from the show on the roof!

⚠️Any reconversion or re-upload is prohibited and any modification(s) of the mod is STRICTLY PROHIBITED ⚠️

In the next few days, I will create a mod pack for the show and I will update it daily (if I have time ????)
In short, I hope you have a blast!

– Trainsdenormandie and Le Fermier Fou (he’s not part of the project, I’m doing it solo but I had to mention him anyway!)


imple IC

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