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History: of the substation, The substation of the United Electricity Works Westphalia was completed on February 17, 1928.

Accommodating the substation in a permanent building was the operator’s reaction to the difficult environmental conditions.
The Emscher and the Rhine-Herne Canal are in the immediate vicinity of the building. Therefore, fog often had to be expected in the area,
which would condense as moisture on the insulators. Together with soot and coal dust from hard coal mines in the near and far surroundings
can easily set short circuits.

All units of the substation such as the circuit breakers, load switches, instrument transformers and transformers were therefore
housed in a shared building. High-voltage electricity of 110 kV (kilovolts) was transformed to a medium voltage of 10 kV for distribution in the city.

About the substation: Since I come from the city of Recklinghausen and find the building of its kind very beautiful
I thought I’d talk to Benni001, my modding colleague, and build the substation as close to the original as possible
I then recreated the building in Blender using aerial photos until it was GE ready and then brought the building into the game together.
The building is 80% original, everything inside is fictitious like the outside area

We hope you have fun with the mod, our mod may only be posted on other mod sites using the original download link!!! MFG SB|Modding



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