Sugar Production Pack

Enjoy a new game experience in the production linked to the cultivation of sugar beet and sugar cane!

– Sugar beet will now have two production waste products: molasses and dehydrated beet pulp.
– Sugar cane produces cane sugar and cane juice and has two waste products: bagasse and molasses.

All this sugar is used to produce delicious barley sugar, sweets, strawberry sweets and honey sweets.

The production waste from your sugar industry will be used for a number of purposes:
– sale, in particular of bagasse to the biogas boiler plant
– the production of a total mixed ration for your livestock:
1. molasses and dehydrated beet pulp added to silage
2. bagasse and molasses, bagasse does not have a high nutritional value, so there will be a significant loss of production.

Two silos for storing sugar cane are available, as well as two silos for storing sugar beet.
Of course, a sales outlet is also available. It will allow all products to be sold, including those of other mods (if they have been categorised)

Sugar factory :

Purchase cost: 100,000$

Storage capacity :
– Sugar beet: 500,000l
– Cut sugar beet: 500,000l
– Sugar cane: 500,000l
– Sugar: 200,000l
– Cane sugar: 200,000l
– Cane juice: 200,000l
– Molasses: 300,000l
– Bagasse: 300,000l
– Dehydrated beet pulp: 300,000l

Production speed and cost:
– Sugar (sugar beet and cane): 12,000 cycles/month ,cost: 120$/month
– Sugar (cut beet): 4,800 cycles/month ,cost: 72$/month
– Cane sugar : 12,000 cycles/month ,cost: 120$/month

Confectionery :

Purchase cost: 65,000$

Storage capacity :
– Sugar: 100,000l
– Cane sugar: 100,000l
– Water: 100,000l
– Honey: 50,000l
– Strawberries: 50,000 l
– Barley sugar: 50,000l
– Candy: 50,000l
– Strawberry candy: 50,000l
– Honey candy: 50,000l

Production speed and cost:
– Candy (all) and barley sugar: 4,800 cycles/month ,cost: 120$/month

Production of cattle feed :

Purchase cost: 60,000$

Storage capacity :
– Dehydrated beet pulp: 400,000l
– Molasses: 400,000l
– Bagasse: 400,000l
– Silage: 400,000l
– Total mixed ration: 200,000l

Production speed and cost:
– Total mixed ration: 240 cycles/month ,cost: 72$/month

Biomass boiler :

Purchase cost: 40,000$

Market stall :

Purchase cost: 5000$

Silo for sugar beet or sugar cane :

Purchase cost: 15,000$

Large silo for sugar beet or sugar cane :

Purchase cost: 35,000$

Many thanks to @Miyamoto86|Roger for his work and invaluable advice!



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