Talbach 2K22

Talbach from FS19 to FS22
The original – HeniJimdrix’s map finds its way back into FS22

Important ! Important ! Important !
You need some mods for the map, you can find the links at the end!

Welcome to the Talbach in FS22,

with this card I have installed and adjusted everything the FS22 has to offer. I liked it a lot
I love taking care of this map and we are very proud of the result.

On the map you will find rebuilt well-known things:

courtyard :
Restructured yard with lots of new things like barn / chickens / workshop / hay storage / feed mixing plant and much more

Pig farm:
A private pig farm to operate upon purchase of the land. There is room for your own buildings

horse farm:
Here too, whoever buys the land can keep horses and operate this farm. There is still enough space for yours

Additionally, there is a sheep pen and an open sheep pasture on the map for farming

Spread over the map you will find different production chains for the further processing of your raw materials.
These include a bakery / former dairy / sawmill and much more

Points of sale:
The productions produced can then of course be sold in different points of sale.
These include supermarkets / hardware stores

If you want to start multiplayer, you can build a fleet with larger machines here on a spacious area.

53 fields and meadows are available for agricultural life, which can be managed with small and medium-sized vehicles.

Author: Bavarian Farm Pack

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