Tatra Phoenix Crusher Pack

Tatra Phoenix Crusher „Frankenstein” Pack

On a trip through the Eastern Bloc states we came across a Tatra Phoenix with a double cab.

In our workshop he got a chipper with a crane and a heavy cage.
Since it was assembled from many scraps, we lovingly called it „Frankenstein”.

For difficult terrain it has a 15 tonne winch at the front.
To pull tree trunks, it also has a 4 ton winch on the side.

There is also a matching Fliegl ASW 271.

Power: Frankenstein 850 HP

Prices from:
– Frankenstein: 135,000 $
– ASW 271: 52,000 $

Capacity ASW: 29,500 l

Note on the Winch
Winch requires the „Platinum Expansion DLC”, otherwise it is just a decoration.


HR For t und Fahrzeugbau

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