Telephone Poles without Collisions

These are base game Telephone poles commonly used on all sorts of maps. The idea of this is to compliment a feature from the „Map Objects Hider” mod. Telephone poles too close to your field? Are they inside your field? Want to hide them but can’t stand floating wires? Hide those poles then use these free to place poles to take their spot and drive right through them!

2 Versions:
Simple Single post pole
Single post pole with tension and grounding cables + dual transformers.

Something to note while placing the pole, these do not level or paint terrain. However due to mechanic in fs22 when placing in a field it will still take 1 little spec of the field out. You can always plow through the pole after. Setting to free placement despite the need to anywhere else will prevent this from happening.

They are located under buildings> Tools ( Enough items in decorations already!)

By Superfly1842

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