Terres de Caux

Hello and welcome to Terres de Caux – Map PC only.
Map created and imagined by me, small and medium material of preferences.
Fields that can be merged to create more farmable land.

– 71 fields not counting forests and pastures.
– Access to the fields is only via the planned entrances indicated on the PDA and which are purchasable.
– Several fields can be grouped together and their size varies from 0.74ha to 2.52ha. No square field with a lot of height difference in places.
– A single purchasable industry for lime production and multiple placeable zones to set up farms, production plants or
points of sale as you wish etc.

– 1 main farm with stables for cows.
– 1 henhouse, 1 pigsty, 1 sheepfold, 1 goatsty.
– Several locations on farms to place your placeables but existing buildings cannot be deleted.
– All animals produce manure and are curable.
– Several meadows.
– Base crops of the game as well as carrots, onions, alfalfa, clover, triticale, rye, protein peas, lentils, flax.
– Production of goat’s milk, goat’s cheese, sheep’s milk, flax straw.
– 4 meadows for cow grazing with milk production, 2 free water points.
– 1 industrial zone with several points of sale including BGA, Sugar factory, Oil factory, Potatoes.
– 1 cooperative, 1 concessionaire, 1 market, 1 service station, 1 point of purchase/sale of animals as well as straw, fertilizer, manure, silage, 1 point
purchase of seeds, 1 dairy, 1 cannery, 1 depot for sale of various products, 1 mill, 1 sawmill.
– Several guilty forests for those who love wood and forestry work.

– Icons are placed on the ground at loading/unloading points and at the entrance to points of purchase and sale for better visibility.

– Not compatible with enhanced Animal.


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