Tesla Model 3 2024 Long Range

Hello everyone !
Today I have the honor to publicly publish my very first car Mod: The Tesla Model 3 2024 Long Range!
This Mod was able to see the light of day thanks in part to the valuable help that DR3RS provided me during the design of the mod, a big thank you to him!
Characteristics ;

1.Choice of 5 exterior colors from the manufacturer
2.Choice of black or white interior
3.Choice of rims, the Photon 18″ as standard and as an option you will be entitled to the Nova 19″.
4.Towing hook yes/no.
5.Choice of battery size, and much more to discover!

FYI the mod was designed to be realistic in terms of option prices!

⛔️It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to Republish this mod on another site!
⛔️2, It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to Make Modifications to this vehicle unless you have received my approval! (this will be tolerated if it remains in a private context, if you decide to publish a version modified in your way of my vehicle you will need my agreement!) you can send me a message on KingMods I will respond as quickly as possible.

This is my first Mod so don’t be too lenient, this one isn’t perfect but know that I did my best ????

Have fun with my mod; Roleplay, etc!

Signed LbxModdingTeam, and DR3RS!




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