The Three Small Farms V2

Welcome to The Three Small Farms map!

It is a map created and imaged from A to Z and totally fictitious.

You will find all your happiness there, whether for your solo or multi-player games.

Map contains :

– 1 Farm with Cows and various storage buildings.
– 1 Farm with Pigs and various storage buildings.
– 1 Farm with Sheep and various storage buildings.
– 1 fish farm
– 1 market garden with its apple press
– 1 BGA.
– 3 Agricultural Cooperatives.
– Points of sale and repairs distributed throughout the map.
– 2 Villages including 1 with its own walk
– 2 campsites
– 1 Massey Ferguson dealer
– 1 lime production plant
– 3 free placeable areas
– 2 independent farms with placeable areas
– 1 sawmill
– 2 Gas station
– 7 Mods required
– 20 personalized Collectibles available

There are 113 fields and meadows, various forest patches on the map.
Factories scattered all over the map, to transform your crops.
Various water points to refuel your crops and animals.
There are the standard missions as well as the missions on the meadows (mowing, pressing, etc.)
Custom soil map for precision agriculture.

Hoping not to have forgotten anything I hope you will enjoy playing on this creation from me on FS22.

Good game everyone.


JC fra ca é

Fr€d Fra-Ca é

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