Through The Years

Are you yearning for the days of old? Looking for an extra challenge?
Wanting to play a bit different than you’ve done before?
Want to play with machines that you’ve typically never done before?

Through the Years will take you and your friends through the years, unlocking newer
and more powerful machinery each year as you progress.

With heavy customization for your specific wants, this mod will restrict your buying options to the
vehicles available at the time of your game. With a starting year as low as 1950, you can work your
way from tractors with less than 50 horsepower and plows with 2 furrows, to the new and powerful
machinery of the modern agricultural world.

This mods adds a completely new layer of progression as you know from so many other simulation
games, and you will get to play with machines that you’ve probably never tried before.

The absolutely majority of the basegame vehicles are very modern, so this mod works best with the
use of other mods. Which mods to use it completely up to you, but at you will find a
list of all supported mods, sorted by function and year, so you can create your own unique list
of available vehicles are you go through the years. You can find a similar list at sorted by year, then
function to get a more timeline-based overview.

The behavior of each category can be configured, as well as providing support for having at least 1
vehicles per function so you don’t have to wait until 2008 to start potato harvesting.

Note: This mod follow the in-game years which change in March (not January), so a year change
happens when going from February to March, and not December to January.

Please report any issues or post any suggestion for the mod at


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