Toyota Hilux IV

Toyota Hilux IV with wooden rear tipper typical of Portugal. In Portugal, pick-ups and pick-up vans are largely modified with wooden bodies, it is very popular there and it does not matter the make and model of the pickup or van everything goes, but the most Popular remains the Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi L200 and the Bedford KB (former English brand subsidiary of the English manufacturer Vauxhall which disappeared in 1986), and widely used by craftsmen and farmers or even individuals. it’s 100% Portuguese you won’t see this kind of car anywhere else ????????.

-interactive control for the dumpster (front doors will come in the next update????)
-configurable color
-choice in the shop between 2 Portuguese plates (2005-2020 plate or current plate) or the configurable Farming plate
-animate counter
-dynamic suspension


Interactive Control

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