Trail King TKT50LP tilt deck trailer

This is a Trail King TKT50LP tilt deck trailer.
The trailer is rated at €50,000 in this three-axle configuration, but it works pretty well and I think I’ve got it pretty close to reality.
You can adjust the height of the trailer hitch using mouse control.
Please note that this trailer works similar to the real trailer.
Tilt is not hydraulically operated, the trailer’s hydraulic cylinders simply act as shock absorbers to control speed. the board moves.

To tilt the tray down, you need to unlock it by pressing the fold function.
This allows the bed to tilt rearward when light pressure is applied to the rear of the trailer bed.
Once the equipment is moved onto the deck, the deck will tilt forward again.
Once the tray tilts flat again, you can use the folding function.


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