Train cars

This is my rolling stock.
Where should I start?
I’ve been working on this for a while now.
I have quite a bit of rolling stock available, including a whole bunch of Superliner passenger cars.

Here’s a quick installation guide with an explanation. below:
Mod Store Delivery to create rolling stock next to the track.
Modify EasyDevControls to place rolling stock on the tracks, with invisible wheels centered between the rails.
Connect a locomotive and unfold the rolling stock.
For all rolling stock I use the store delivery mod to place it next to the track then use the super power of my EasyDevControls rig to place it on the track In the middle of the front and rear axles of each bogie There are invisible people. wheels. These invisible wheels are placed between the rails and keep them on the rails. The trucks will stand on the rails as they should once you correctly place the rolling stock on the rails with the wheels invisible between the rails. If you have a locomotive, you can connect a locomotive to it. You must then press the “Fold” function to unfold the rolling stock. This allows the bogies to turn as desired and follow the rails correctly. With the exception of passenger cars and intermodal cars, all rolling stock is connectable on both sides.
These can only be connected if they all point in the same direction. The intermodal cars can accommodate both my and AJ’s containers. Passenger cars have complete interiors that you can explore. In a locomotive, use mouse controls on passenger cars and you will be able to open all doors.


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