Tree Value Info

This mod provides more detailed information for pieces of wood and displays them in the info box:

– The volume of the piece of wood in liters. This is also being displayed before felling.
– The current value, which is the amount of money you would get if you sold the piece of wood in its current form.
– Hints on which kind of factors could reduce the value of the piece of wood like the shape, the length and the number of branches still attached.
– The total quality of the piece of wood as calculated by the game, where 120% is the maximum.
– The amount of liters you would get when processing the piece of wood with a wood chipper.
– The amount of money you would get if you sold the wood chips right now.
– An estimation of money you would get if you sold the wood chips at best price (sometimes you can get more than that, due to randonmness).

Note that in order to get the maximum quality possible, a piece of wood needs to be a near perfect frustum of a cone, between 6-11m in length (about 20-36 feet) and may not have any branches still attached.
A perfect shape is not possible for every piece of wood.

The info box will also be displayed whenever a chainsaw is equipped and the ring around the tree to be cut is possible.
While sitting in a wood harvester, you will see basic information about the tree, but no quality details, since those can only be calculated for the full tree, not for the next piece to be cut unfortunately.

It is recommended to use the lumberjack or the measure mod in order to find the desired cut position.

– Added more detailed quality information
– Added russian translation (provided by Gonimy-Vetrom)
– Info box is now displayed while sitting in a wood harvester

– Info Box is now displayed whenever the ring around a piece of wood is visible (caused by an equipped chainsaw)
– Removed cut length recommendation (too inaccurate) and added quality

– Added wood chip info


Farm im Tim (timmeey86)

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