TSZ v4 Extended

Extended and corrected version.
List of changes:
At the Coop store, a point of sale for the basic game (GroceYMart) has been created.
Some road bugs have been fixed.
The distillery building has been replaced by the base game fast food restaurant (Vendor).
Sugar Refinery / Oil Mill / Grape Processing / Factory / Dairy / Bakery / Carpenter / Wood Selling Point / Pub / Rest Area / Spinning Mill / Grain Mill has been placed.
Most of them also function as production points.
A new Hungarian license plate format has been defined for the map, for which I would like to thank the creators of the SzarvasiMGTSZ_FS22 map.
The NPC system has been replaced and new character images and names have been set, an idea and the character images are due to the creators of the fictional map Agroszasz v1.1.
Chickens / birch pastures / pigs were also located in the village area.
Water areas on the map have also been replaced with those found in the base game, so you can even swim or fill a tank car there.

Copy the contents of the package to the mods folder.
WARNING!!!! You need all the additions because without them the map looks incomplete and incorrect and may even be unusable.

I wish you a good game and a pleasant pastime.
And here I would like to thank the original creators and the creator of the FS 22 version for making my favorite map even better.
Sincerely, N00body00 Modswork



N00body00 Mod work

L Portal.hu Team

Oceń modyfikacje


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