Ursus C330

A light agricultural tractor of Polish production. Produced in the years 1967-1987 by the Ursus mechanical plant in Warsaw. It has an S-312C 1960cc engine with a power of 30Km/100Nm and a 6/2 gearbox.
An object of considerable cult and desire in Polish farming. The only thirty released without a litany of errors, with real power and mass. The weight of the mod is 32 meters. Have a nice game

The mod has:
All FS22 standards – animation of clutch, gears, brakes, illuminated clocks, moving hands, dirt, etc.
IC panel – opening and removing doors, cabin roof, hood, removable passenger seat
Auro console – the appropriate aurochs is included in the T25 Chestnut package
Wheel configuration, colors, various cabin options, additional lighting, etc


Added dirt to fenders, hood grille and rims, repaired rear lamp shades, updated sounds, optimized textures.


Dirt has been repaired, new tire configurations, new cabin color configurations, and vehicle physics corrections have been added.

Many new configurations have been added, new opening elements, new sounds, new color and wheel configurations, corrections to the model, vehicle physics, etc.

When using auro, a counterweight is recommended. The current version has two warnings, if anyone knows how to fix them, I would be grateful for a hint, dc: d4wid33k
The tractor may not work well with mods that improve game physics.

Authors: KamilR1, Dawid, Qwerty, Egon, BOCIEKLS, KOPI LS, … d4wid33k



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