Volcano Island Extended

The volcano island is a totally fictional place lost in the middle of the ocean, these islands were discovered a very long time ago but the former inhabitants left hastily following a strange discovery.

In this „Extended” version you have three new plots and more room to expand and install factories for example, the main island has grown well and you will find a BGA, 6 new large fields, new factories and points of sale, vines and olive trees there and new paths.
Collectibles have changed places.

If you start as a new farmer, you will have several animal enclosures from the start of the game: cows, hens, pigs and sheep as well as a small equipped farm and additional storage in the nearby silo.

You will find several areas on these islands: an old village, an industrial area, a housing estate, several development areas, a port area, an observatory, mysterious places and many more…

You will find more than a dozen personalized and unique points of sale and purchases, as well as personalized productions: mayonnaise, sandwiches, straw hats.
Some outlets are more profitable than others.
You will have the option to buy custom factories: Cheese Shop, Chocolate Factory, Clothing Factory, Sandwich Factory, Optimized Oil Factory.

Islands contain:
– 53 fields of sizes ranging from 0.68 ha to 9.33 ha.
– 55 plots, therefore 12 of forests of different sizes, 6 mixed (fields + forests).
– A course for all-terrain vehicles for fun
– Areas to build or expand your farms
– 20 personalized objects to collect
– And of course a volcano

Compatible with dlcs and Precision Farming.

Have fun and make these islands your home.


Dairy heep Pack


Lizard 6205 TURBO

ilo Grape And Olive

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