Weekly Market

The weekly market is the central place for many companies to sell regional self-produced goods. It traditionally takes place only once a week. In our Farming Simulator, however, it is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The direct contact with the customers and the transparency of the salespeople create a real familiarity.
The investment costs for your own market vehicle are high, and maintenance costs include electricity and labor costs. The proceeds are almost twice as high as at normal sales outlets.

Included in the pack are 6 different market vehicles:
– Baker’s stall:
Price: 26.000$
Maintenance: 144$/day
Products sold: Bread, cakes and flour

– Farmers stall:
Price: 15.000$
Maintenance: 144$/day
Products sold: eggs, flour, potatoes, oil and honey

– Vegetable stall:
Price: 20.000$
Maintenance: 144$/day
Products sold: tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, potatoes and salads

– Cheese stall:
Price: 26.000$
Maintenance: 160$/day
Products sold: Cheese, butter and milk

– Chocolate stall:
Price: 26.000$
Maintenance: 160$/day
Products sold: strawberry, grapes, grape juice, raisins, sugar and chocolate

– Vegan sausage stand:
Price: 30.000$
Maintenance: 160$/day
Products sold: Soybeans for sausage production
! Info: All products sold here come exclusively from plant-based raw materials. This stall is deliberately kept as vegan in order to be able to meet the FSK 0 standard and still be able to have a complete weekly market.

In addition, there are plenty of decorations to make the weekly market more authentic.



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