Western Dakota Mining Map

Welcome to a map focused on mining and public works.
The idea behind this map is that the local town went bankrupt, people left, and there really was nothing left; he was abandoned.
But life can be brought back.
Almost the entire city can be leveled (except the gas station, where work can be done).
Yes, everything can be destroyed, which means you need the Platinum expansion.
It’s not just buildings that can be demolished, many stones on the map can be demolished or picked up and taken away.

There are several mines outside the city.
Some are found underground, in troglodyte structures.
Others are more akin to open-pit mining operations.
There is also a small village that needs to be rebuilt after being destroyed by a mudslide.
And then there is much more, because there is also a small area with a few houses that also need maintenance.
But to get there, you have to overcome another hill collapse.
Oh, and there are no bridges, you have to build them too.

Plus, there’s a ton of mud, which means you’ll need the Mud System, which can be downloaded from the official mod hub.
And if you get bored, there is also a marble mine where you have to transport a few blocks of marble.

We will also release some production mods for this map,
which are modifications of existing mods that add something extra to the game.
However, that will be another article.
To get the most out of this map, you need TerraFarm.
Well quite simply, this is the card I wanted.
It has the features I want, and maybe the features you want too.
This was definitely a test card for me.


We tern Dakota Mining

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