Today I present to you a fictional map inspired by the western regions of Upper Silesia,
areas around Gliwice and Tarnowskie Góry and towns like Jasiona,
Rudno, Rudziniec, Ziemięcice, Wojska, Wielowieś, Wieszowa and other neighboring regions.

Most of the village house models were recreated from real models.
I hope you like the atmosphere of the card, especially since I really wanted to release it to you on my birthday.

On the map:
– 137 fields (each type)
– 2 farms – a small one with chickens, a larger one with cows (based on buildings from mnodhub – the map will require you to download them on first start).
Fences, details and buildings can be sold and you can build your own farm on these areas.
– 2 small forest areas
– 162 agricultural lands
– Several construction sites
– Around ten wild meadows
– Agricultural wasteland
– Personal lighting with exposed sunrises, sunsets and fog
– Custom sound (ambient)
– Fields are mostly equal to the grid on the longest side
– Some Easter eggs
– The terrain is not very demanding, but there is no table
– A map for those who love views. There are no additional scripts here

Special thanks:
– Lukas – to model two buildings for a small farm
– ThatReider – for some statics, fencing and road care on the map and finishing touches on Lukas’s buildings

Sincerely, Szarpi



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