Xerion 4500/5000 Trac Ts Precision Farming

This is the completely overhauled Xerion 4500/5000 Trac Vc with swing axle and PRECISION FARMING.

Has been changed:
Pendulum axle installed.
Precision agriculture installed.
Original adjusted engine speed.
3 engine variants with 490 hp, 530 hp and the Pahnter with 596 hp.
all in 30kmh and 50kmh versions.
Engine and horn sound changed.
Brake light, daytime running light, reversing light (by Wobby) installed.
Added hazard warning lights and a buzzer when reversing.
Warning signs installed on the back.
Extended maintenance intervals.
The windows can be tinted in green, blue, brown.
Addition of 13 matt colors (Piet-Pahnter) plus the original colors.
bodywork, roof, chassis, the masses can be colored separately,

Ps. for anyone who already has the Bad Piet variant, this is an update, your old files will be overwritten.

Characteristics :
– Price: €427,500
– Power: 490 – 526 hp

Author: Gigants Otto Wobby BadPiet JagdPahnter234 PietPahnterModdingteam

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