Zetor LKT 81 Turbo

The Zetor LKT 81 Turbo is a forestry tractor produced by the Czech company LKT. LKT is known for manufacturing various types of specialized vehicles, particularly forestry machinery.

The LKT 81 Turbo is designed specifically for forestry work, including tasks such as hauling logs, clearing land, and other forestry-related operations. The „Turbo” designation likely refers to the inclusion of a turbocharged engine, which provides increased power and efficiency compared to non-turbocharged engines.

These types of forestry tractors are often equipped with features such as heavy-duty frames, specialized tires for off-road use, and sometimes even hydraulic attachments for handling logs. They are essential tools in the forestry industry, where ruggedness, reliability, and power are paramount for efficiently completing tasks in challenging environments.

For specific technical details, capabilities, and features of the LKT 81 Turbo, it’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation or contact the company directly for the most accurate information.

– Price: 45000 $
– Power: 160 HP
– Speed: 28 mph
– Configurations:
Color configurations
Rim configurations
Wheels configurations
Decals configurations

Note: The „Platinum Expansion DLC” is required for the winch function


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