John Deere 8R US Series 2018 v3.1

John Deere 8R US Series 2018 v3.1
– Updated models and xml lines for Aussie Trelleborg 36’in spacing wide axle (cotton)
Late Easter and 6,000 LIKES on funpage celebrate gifts!
~ John Deere 8R 2018 US Series V3.0
8R V3.0 features:

True working ILS (Independent Link Suspension)
MouseControl for Main Frame high (like in fs17)
Real wheels Configurations (20 Michelin 30’in Row Crop, 20 Firestone 30’in Row Crop and 17 Trelleborg 36’in Row Crop + 4 Goodyear Floaters)
3 Starfire Configurations (NO / 3000 / 6000)
6 Weights and OVERSIZE Configurations
All USA motor Configurations
3 Stickers/LOGO Configurations
3 US QucikHitch/Standard 3 PointHitch Configurations
Warning Triangle Configurations
4 Fender Configurations
Our Turning ON animations with separate realLights
Rims made on $data paths with proper materials
UDIM on extra Lights and Flashers (defined plastic)
New UDIM on US hubs with proper material define (chrome screws and gloss color)
Cb Radio with emissive
Realistic physic, motor scale and breaks
attacherJoints for all Tanks and equipment (Rollers, Saddle Tanks etc)
Flashers will work only when they are unfolded (Blinkers)
All correct US blinkers and flashers
Foldable Flashers
All HD quality Decals
All proper US decals and Warning stickers (included interior)
Better emissive effects in cab
Proper Cab Blinkers (US version)
Fixed all Dashboard Animations
True 30 & 36 Row Crop wheels
Real values (xml)
LOGO/Stickers options
New Sounds
Better lights emissive effects
Fixed interior dahsboard decals
Fixed foliageBiding
Error Free

~ Fully supported with our Helicopter Tanks!
~ Thanks to all testers who monited and helped us find issuess! ~

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