Advanced Maintenance

This mod looks at the maintenance of your vehicle if it has more then 50% maintenance
it wil start a small chance mechanic based on how many hours and maintenance the vehicle has.
When the numbers line up it will cause the vehicle to shut off (you can still start it back up)
How older your vehicle is how faster it shuts down
Don’t worry about your old tractors they are dead after 5000 hours they will only shut down more often.

also if the mainenance is 0% the tractor will not start and will need to be towed to the shop.
This mod also makes it that the maintenance meter only shows the maintenance of te currently selected tool.
This mod will work on already purchesed vehicles.

Credits to @BRZMonster for calculating the chance.
Credits to @Rembrandt for the idea.

Author: MechNoxer BRZMonster Rembrandt

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