Amazone Sprayer Pack

Hello, everyone,

Here we have the Amazone Sprayer Pack from FS17 for you!
It has a display for the filling level and 1200L tank volume for the tank and the injection unit.

The working speed is 15km/h and the working width is 15.2m.
As a configuration, there is a marker light to make it easier to see the ends of the sprayer arm at night.

A special thanks goes out to Anthu as I was allowed to use his connection hoses from his FS19 version for our conversion.

And now have fun with this sprayer pack, which is a great fit for older tractors or can be used in narrower fields.

Uploads are not allowed on other sites.

– Fixed „Missing ai agent attachment definition for attachable vehicle” error
– reversed sides of sections corrected, thanks to Wolfz!

Author: AM Modding

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