AutoDrive SVK Gorbani

AutoDrive route network version for map „SVK Gorbani” version for Farming Simulator 2022 (v1.8)

– routes are 100% laid;
– All fields are connected (except some small fields on the map. They will be connected in the next updates);
– All productions installed on the map are connected (except for haymaking in the village of Chopylki. routes will appear in the next updates)
– all points of sale and purchase are connected (set on the map);
– Animals (only pigsties are connected so far. Cowsheds in the next map update will be different, routes will appear in the next updates)
– 36 different parking spaces at the main base in the village of Gorban; At the base in the village of Bogdany, parking will be available in the next updates.
– I used AutoDrive version for the route network

The file „AutoDrive_config.xml” is thrown (with replacement) by the path „computer/documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/savegame(X)”.
Before installation, pay attention to the file name. Any changes to the file name will cause it to not work.

Version for Farming Simulator 2022 (v1.8)
– Hangars and warehouses at the base in the village are connected to the network. Humpbacks
– Small fields that were not previously connected have been added to the network.
– Bugs found have been fixed
– Some changes have been made to the network


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