John Deere 7R Gen2

Here is a magnificent John Deere 7R Gen2 in pakc with front loader and wheel stabilizers

-Price: €247,500
-Power: 305-428hp
-Max speed: 50 km/h
– Removed front rigger configuration. The 3-point hitch can be used together with the front loader hitch.
– Added Terra tires by popular demand for Trelleborg, Michelin and Vredestein.
– Choice of colors for grille, base color, GPS module and rims. The top links are colored with the base color. Thanks again to VarioModding for the top links.
– RUL configurations installed – because personally I don’t like the original ones.
– Front turn signal configuration also added by popular request.
– Decal configuration. You can choose yellow or gray.
– LaForgeEZ front loader and weights included in the mod also with color choice and decal selection
– SimpleIC for doors, rear windows and warning signs
– 60 km/h motor versions in addition to the standard versions as well as a „chipped” motor for the 50 km/h and 60 km/h variants. (the km/h stickers on the rear window fit)
– Also by popular request, a tinted window configuration.
– KUBOTA DLC Ready passenger seat installed.
– Ready for Precision Farming DLC
I hope you have a lot of fun with it


imple IC

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