Massey Ferguson 7724 + Bumper IRL

⚠️Files to decompress. Hi everyone, today I’m once again introducing a real-life inspired vehicle, which „Starming.YTB” challenged me to incorporate into FS22. Here’s what it is:

– Massey Ferguson 7724 IRL
– Bumper IRL

Massey Fergunson 7724 IRL with:
– Added 2 FR flags on the roof (1 on each side).
– Added 3 poppies in the cabin (2 on the front right and 1 on the right side).
– Addition of 2 „France” plates in the cabin (1 on each side).
– Added 2 horns on the roof.
– Added 8 LEDS (4 on the top of the exterior windshield and 4 on the grille).
– Added a „MICHELIN” tire config using white writing.
– Modification of the horn to its original horn (klaxon_StarmingYTB).

Bumper IRL from Starming.YTB for the Massey Ferguson 7724 with:
– Added „Massey Ferguson” brand logo to the front.
– Added 8 LEDS (4 white and 4 orange).
– Added 2 warning signs (1 on each side).
– Changed the Bumper color to black (“disabled” color config).

Of course, if the MF and/or Bumper undergo further modifications IRL, these will also be made for FS22.

If you spot any issues, report them in a comment or on a TikTok video via the link in my profile.



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