SK-10 „ROTOR” – „Tagonrog Harvesting Plant”.
The combine harvester is designed for grain harvesting directly or separately.
When equipped with special devices, it can harvest corn for cereals, millet, sunflower and pulses.
The combine harvester consists of: harvesting and threshing parts, cleaning with transport working bodies, a hopper,
a cabin, an engine block, a hydraulic system, a running gear and an electrical system.
Its distinctive feature is an axial-rotary threshing and separating device.
This mod wrapper was made with permission from the original author SHNUROK (Alexander Belikov).
The kit comes with a combine with a choice of tires, as well as a choice of 1985 or 1987 year of manufacture.
The model has been converted to UDIM, fully configured and ready to run on your farms.
It is equipped with ZHU-6, ZHU-7, ZHU-8.6, PSP-10 headers, header trolley (it only carries grain headers with automatic lock!!!
It carries the PSP-10 header, but it clings to it askew! combine).
There is a choice of registration marks and a serial number on the model itself.
The cost of the combine harvester is 65,000 ye.
The power of the SMD-73M engine is 250 hp. (from original) 4-speed gearbox installed (from original)
The maximum driving speed is 24 km/h. (from the original)
The volume of the bunker is 6,000 tons. liters.
Unloading the bunker takes about 1 minute (from the original)
The combine harvester is made in white and red color (as in the original)
Many animations, pulleys, belts, interior.
The light is in place, everything works without breakdowns.
There is a shader with a rust texture, the texture will be finalized in the next updates.
Clean newspaper.




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