Škoda Liaz St180N

Greetings to all farmers!
We present to you the legendary Škoda 180 N.
Real engine sound, real transmission and real driving characteristics await you.
Additionally, you can build several different machines in your game from this single model with different combinations of sounds, engine thrust, and color wheel.
We hope you like it and that it serves as well as on the farms of Czechoslovakia!

What’s new:
-choice of 2 models- normal or simpleIC
-choice of 2 engines: old engine with less power, darker smoke, used engine and gearbox sound x new engine with real new machine power, smooth engine sound, gearbox sounds better , dual clutch
– new and sophisticated real sounds, including for transmission
– you will hear the ratio of each gear, dual clutch, sound of bucket hitting the ground, rumble of the cabin while driving, brakes and more, brakes and gears have several variable sounds, real horn
– many animations – tractor coupling, doors, pair of steps…

Price: €34,600
Power: 180hp
Max speed: 25 km/h

Author: Czechoslovak 1989’s farming (dj-ocas jezedak)

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