John Deere 7xx0 Series

Unlike other models in the range, the 7000 Series had no comparable predecessor. With its continuously variable AutoPowr transmission, it offers endless possibilities. The series is versatile for transport, field work and in the forest.

– Base price: 235,500 $
– Engine configurations: 7720, 7820, 7920, 7730, 7830, 7930
– Power: 170-220 hp

Included in this mod are 2 different John Deeres. The John Deere 7020 series and the John Deere 7030 series.
This model was built from the ground up and depicted as realistically as possible. The John Deere features a realistic light with matching color and 2 different sounds!
In addition, the following functions are included:

-> Weight holder, weight and front hydraulic configuration
-> Different light configurations
-> Door configuration
-> Mirror configuration
-> Fender configuration
-> Front loader configuration
-> Weight configurable
-> Warning sign configuration
-> License plate configuration
-> Sensor configuration for precision farming

This mod has Simple IC support.


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