Lizard Turntable Ladder 23/12CC

The DLK 23/12 is an aerial rescue vehicle.
Aerial rescue vehicles are primarily used to rescue people from emergencies,
However, they are also used for technical assistance and fire fighting.
The platform is of aluminum construction with six equipment compartments.
This turntable ladder has animated doors, gates and bogie.
During an emergency drive, the blue light and horn can be activated manually.

– Unfold the device: Key (X)
– Activate horn: Key (Y)
– Activate blue light: Key (POS1)
– Control the doors, gates and ladders with the mouse (see F1 menu)

In order to use all functions, the device must first be unfolded!

The following store options are available:
– Different rim colors
– Upgrade to modern blue light
– Upgrade to old blue light

Price: $26.700
Power: 266 hp /196 kW
Permissible total weight: 15000 kg
Category: „Vehicles – Misc”

Loading among others with:
– Standard load DLK 23-12
– Power generator
– High performance ventilator
– Rescue and abseiling equipment
– Power saw
– Basket turning pipe

It is recommended to use SimpleIC, however it is not mandatory. (PC only)



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